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MyNetDiary Review 2023: Is This App Legit?

How many calories do you consume daily? MyNetDiary presents itself as a calorie-tracking application designed to facilitate the achievement of your ideal weight. It simplifies the process of recording your daily caloric intake and calculating the necessary caloric intake.

The act of calorie counting is often essential for weight loss, gain, or maintenance. However, without an appropriate calorie tracker, the process of logging calories can become monotonous and time-intensive.

In today’s landscape, calorie tracking solutions come in various forms. MyNetDiary, being among the most widely used, offers multiple options for tracking food, all supported by an extensive food database. Additionally, it includes crucial features for tracking physical activities.

The question arises: is the free version of MyNetDiary sufficient to assist your weight objectives? Furthermore, does the premium version provide enough added features to justify its cost? Delve into this comprehensive MyNetDiary review to find out.

Understanding the MyNetDiary App

MyNetDiary empowers you to monitor your food consumption and exercise in alignment with specific weight goals. This user-friendly digital food diary aids in sustainable weight loss, gain, or maintenance.

Accessible on both iOS and Android devices, the app boasts a food library with over 1,250,000 verified entries, making it one of the most comprehensive tools of its kind. Moreover, the MyNetDiary website is accessible through any browser on various operating systems.

The Role of MyNetDiary App

MyNetDiary serves both men and women equally well. Whether as a food-tracking companion or a substitute for comparable solutions, it offers a versatile approach.

As mentioned earlier, the app facilitates progress toward a target weight by meticulously recording dietary intake and physical activity. It supports weight loss, gain, or simply weight maintenance.

Beyond weight goals, the app accommodates tracking of workouts, water consumption, and even medication intake. Given its compatibility with the Apple Watch, MyNetDiary remains accessible wherever you go.

Mechanics of the MyNetDiary App

Upon registration on the MyNetDiary platform, you establish a weight goal. Using factors such as height, age, and current weight, the app estimates the timeframe to reach your target and offers a daily calorie budget.

Your journey involves continued updates on your progress as you input data on calories, macronutrients, water intake, and physical activity.

MyNetDiary offers an intuitive display to easily track your advancement. Each day, the main screen showcases your calorie targets represented by an apple icon. Green signifies goal attainment, yellow indicates nearing the calorie budget, and red denotes exceeding it.

Within the app, manual food logging and barcode scanning are available for inputting dietary information. Frequently consumed foods and personal recipes can be swiftly added. The expansive database streamlines accurate food logging.

Another noteworthy feature is the food grading system, rating nutrition from A to D. This promotes healthy food choices, alleviating the need to scrutinize ingredient lists.

Much like other successful nutrition apps, MyNetDiary encompasses online components. Moderated by registered dietitians, these discussion boards enable interaction, progress sharing, and mutual support among users with similar objectives.

The premium version introduces a virtual coach providing nutritional insights. However, this feature, while informative, does not replicate the authenticity of a human coach.

Key Features of the App

  • Calorie Tracking: MyNetDiary simplifies calorie counting by deducting calories from your daily budget, ensuring you remain aware of your consumption.
  • Food Grading: The app assigns grades from A to D to tracked foods, facilitating identification of unhealthy choices and promoting healthier alternatives.
  • Activity Tracking: Beyond food, the app accommodates logging of exercise-induced calorie burn. Data import from other fitness apps is feasible.
  • Community Engagement: Access to discussion boards and social resources fosters peer support, contributing to the effectiveness of weight loss endeavors.
  • Premium Menus: The app’s premium version offers professionally curated menus tailored to specific diets, enhancing the ease of healthy eating.

MyNetDiary Pro vs. Free | Which One Is Better?

MyNetDiary comes in both free and paid iterations. The free version provides essential food tracking features expected from such an application.

The premium version, priced at $6.50 per month, enables customized macronutrient tracking and offers meal plans tailored to various diets.

The core food tracking functions of the app, available in the free version, enable the initiation of healthy dietary monitoring and realistic weight loss objectives.

While the premium version offers additional features, the free variant presents advertising. This doesn’t impair functionality but might impact user experience.

In conclusion, the free MyNetDiary version serves well for foundational tracking, while the premium version, for a cost, unlocks advanced features and enhances user experience.

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  • The app offers intuitive food logging.
  • It includes a dynamic daily calorie estimator that aligns with your weight loss goals.
  • A vast selection of over 1,250,000 approved foods is available.
  • It caters to weight loss, weight gain, and weight management objectives.
  • Users can engage in an online community overseen by registered dietitians.
  • The app provides delectable meal suggestions complete with clear instructions.


  • Utilizing the macronutrient tracker necessitates a paid subscription.
  • The app lacks a genuine virtual coaching feature.

Final Verdicts

MyNetDiary functions as an intuitive and user-friendly tool for tracking food intake. Its primary purpose is to aid in achieving weight loss objectives. Beyond simply monitoring calories, it assesses food items based on their health ratings and encourages improved dietary choices.

The app stands out due to its expansive database, barcode scanning capability, and user-friendly interface, establishing it as one of the most user-accessible applications in its category.

Whether you’re a newcomer to calorie logging or have experience with similar applications, MyNetDiary offers a reliable experience. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that reaching your weight goal with the app requires a sense of accountability.

While the app streamlines the logging process, it’s important to note that manual input of every consumed food item is necessary. The app’s effectiveness is contingent upon the accuracy and consistency of these food logs.

Additionally, the app’s food recommendation feature can contribute to your weight management journey. For access to meal ideas, an upgrade to a premium subscription is necessary. Considering that this is a paid feature in many comparable apps, viewing it as a valuable investment is reasonable.

In summary, MyNetDiary serves as a refined and efficient calorie tracking tool for consistent use. It offers a convenient weight loss solution that can be carried on your phone or accessed through the Apple Watch.

FAQs: Consumers Also Ask

Q: Is the MyNetDiary software appropriate for newcomers?

A: MyNetDiary proves to be an accessible calorie-tracking application that novices can easily utilize for weight management and more. Its primary features are quick to grasp, allowing users to explore its full potential effortlessly. It boasts a higher user-friendliness compared to most other applications.

Q: How much does MyNetDiary Pro cost?

A: The premium variant of MyNetDiary is priced at $6.50 per month. Opting for an annual subscription at $60 presents a cost-effective alternative to the monthly plan.

Q: Where To Buy MyNetDiary Pro?

A: MyNetDiary is accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, encompassing devices like iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches. Additionally, it is available as a website, accessible across various operating systems featuring contemporary web browsers like Safari, Chrome, Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.


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