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Is FastEasy the Best Intermittent Fasting App? Read The Reviews

Navigating an intermittent fasting eating schedule can prove to be a challenge whether you’re a novice or an expert. For effective assistance throughout your weight loss journey, utilizing a fasting app is highly beneficial. This article presents an overview of the FastEasy intermittent fasting app, aiding your decision-making process on its value.

Intermittent fasting entails alternating periods of eating and fasting, adhering to a strict timetable with controlled periods of abstaining from food. Achieving positive outcomes with intermittent fasting hinges on maintaining your chosen regimen and cultivating the right mindset.

Undeniably, adapting to fasting can be challenging. However, the contemporary world offers numerous options to support your weight loss journey, making it an advantageous time to embark on this eating plan. A fasting app stands out as a crucial tool for your arsenal.

The FastEasy app emerges as a notable contender in this category, but what distinguishes it from other apps, and is it the ideal fit for your requirements?

Continue reading this review to delve into the concept and key features offered by FastEasy.

What Is FastEasy App All About Exactly?

Market positioning itself as your proficient fasting assistant, FastEasy is an intermittent fasting app designed to facilitate weight loss, enhance fitness, and encourage mindful eating. It provides comprehensive support for interval fasting plans and equips users with tools to adhere to this practice effectively.

FastEasy functions as a fasting tracker, offering various fasting plans to users. It empowers you to set healthy weight goals by closely monitoring both your weight and water intake. The fasting timer ensures precise timing of your eating and fasting periods, complemented by reminders to avoid missing your fasting window.

While the app can be downloaded for free, accessing its content and premium features requires subscription-based payments. A range of subscription plans, including monthly and annual options, are available, enabling you to align your choice with your personalized weight objectives.

FastEasy, as an app dedicated to assisting with intermittent fasting, effectively serves as a fasting tracker and timer. Its primary aim is to facilitate your success with intermittent fasting, fostering weight loss and overall health enhancement.

Within the FastEasy app, you can configure timers, monitor your daily steps, track water consumption, and observe your progression toward weight loss goals. The app offers user-friendly fasting plans, incorporating popular intermittent fasting approaches like the 12:12, 16:8, and OMAD (one meal a day) diets.

Developed by Funplex Limited, an Android developer company, FastEasy operates on a subscription model. While the app can be downloaded at no initial cost, to harness its premium features and employ it as your expert intermittent fasting coach, a subscription purchase is necessary.

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Does FastEasy App Really Work?

The efficacy of the FastEasy app is evident when seeking a tool to monitor and time your interval fasting routines. By empowering you to take command over your eating and fasting periods, the app provides substantial support for your weight loss endeavors and the pursuit of a healthier weight.

Scientifically validated as a method for weight loss and fat reduction, intermittent fasting prompts you to consume fewer meals, thereby reducing calorie intake. Additionally, it extends the interval since your last meal, facilitating the active breakdown of stubborn fat.

The success of FastEasy and similar apps is contingent on your adherence to the fasting timer and disciplined eating patterns. While they cannot guarantee weight loss outcomes, they serve as valuable aids in practicing and comprehending fasting principles.

How Does This Diet And Fasting App Work?

FastEasy operates by tracking your daily fasting hours. Its fasting tracker feature empowers you to define your goal, set the timer, and initiate your chosen intermittent fasting strategy. This functionality eliminates confusion regarding the commencement and conclusion of your fasting period.

Furthermore, the app meticulously documents your fasting journey and weight loss progress, enabling you to evaluate your overall fasting experience. Upon establishing your FastEasy account, you’re prompted to select your specific intermittent fasting plan, enabling the app to customize information according to your dietary preferences.

FastEasy App Features

Encompassing a fasting tracker, fasting timer, step counter, and weight monitor, FastEasy presents a comprehensive suite of features. These components synergize to ensure consistent adherence to fasting routines, fostering progression throughout your weight loss journey. Continuous monitoring guarantees the attainment of your healthy weight objectives.

FastEasy caters to diverse fasting plans, allowing you to confront your chosen eating regimen with appropriate guidance. Monitoring crucial stages of your fasting process facilitates a better understanding of your body’s transition to a healthier mode of functioning.

Suitability of FastEasy

FastEasy caters to individuals seeking assistance with intermittent fasting. Negotiating controlled periods of food abstention can be daunting, especially for those new to fasting. FastEasy simplifies intermittent fasting, enhancing its sustainability over extended durations.

The app is crafted to accommodate novices and experts practicing various fasting methodologies. It harmonizes with different dietary and nutrition plans, encompassing the ketogenic diet, low-carb diets, intuitive eating, and even the advanced eating schedule of the OMAD diet.

FastEasy Device Compatibility

FastEasy extends compatibility to both iOS and Android devices, accommodating a wide range of smartphones. On Apple devices, FastEasy functions seamlessly with:

  • iPhone: iOS 14.0 or later
  • iPod touch: iOS 14.0 or later
  • Mac: macOS 11.0 or later, equipped with Apple M1 chip or newer versions.

User Feedback on FastEasy

Some negative customer reviews have emerged concerning FastEasy’s membership model. Numerous users assert purchasing a subscription without complete comprehension of their purchase. Additionally, difficulties and confusion during the membership cancellation process have been reported.

Before committing to the FastEasy intermittent fasting program, it’s essential to thoroughly understand the terms. FastEasy operates as an auto-renewal subscription service. To prevent unauthorized charges, it’s imperative to cancel your subscription at least 24 hours before the current period concludes.


  • Offers various fasting plans
  • Includes a weight monitoring feature
  • Provides a fasting tracker
  • Incorporates a fasting timer
  • Offers reminders and push notifications for fasting schedules
  • Includes a step counter
  • Provides short workout options
  • Offers a journal for planning fasts and tracking progress
  • Contains educational content covering nutrition and health advice
  • Designed with a beginner-friendly approach


  • No provision for a free trial
  • Subscription details lack transparency
  • Some customer reviews report difficulties in canceling subscriptions
  • The official website provides limited information


While the app itself can be downloaded for free, entry into the FastEasy intermittent fasting experience requires subscription enrollment. A variety of plans are available, ranging from monthly to annual subscriptions. Regrettably, a trial or complimentary version of FastEasy is not offered.

Clear pricing for FastEasy can be challenging to ascertain. Based on our research, the following subscription options are available at the corresponding prices:

  • Monthly plan: $9.99–10.99
  • Three-month plan: $19.99–29.99
  • Annual plan: $39.99–59.99


FastEasy functions primarily as a fasting tracker, assisting in fast monitoring. However, we remain skeptical about its position as the most proficient professional intermittent fasting coach available. For those seeking a more comprehensive app with an array of features, we recommend exploring the DoFasting app.

DoFasting excels in tailoring fasting plans to individual needs and preferences. It guarantees motivation for weight loss through nutritious recipes, meal suggestions, and expert health advice, aiming to simplify the weight loss journey through fasting.

FAQs: Questions And Answers

Q: Is FastEasy worth the price?

A: Evaluating the FastEasy intermittent fasting app yields varied feedback. Its value is apparent for individuals seeking to initiate mindful eating and adhere to intermittent fasting regimens. However, certain users deem the app excessively intricate. For a simpler and efficacious fasting experience, we suggest exploring the DoFasting app.

Q: Is FastEasy an authentic app?

A: Indeed, FastEasy is a legitimate application available for download on both Google Play and the App Store. The app boasts a substantial number of online reviews from genuine users who have personally engaged with it. These reviews encompass a blend of favorable and unfavorable app assessments concerning its overall functionality.

Q: How can I end my FastEasy subscription?

A: The process of canceling your FastEasy subscription involves accessing your account settings on Google Play or Apple. As per the official FastEasy website, ensuring cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the conclusion of the present subscription cycle is necessary to evade charges. Alternatively, cancellation can be accomplished by reaching out to


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